Old-school MapleStory private server.
For the players, by the players.


Windia is a private server for MapleStory. It's the only private server to ever use version 84 of the official game.

We have lots of features to offer compared to the other private servers around, which significantly change the way you enjoy the game.

The noteworthy features of Windia

Custom skills and jobs

Yes, you're reading this right. We're the only released private server that has actual custom jobs. We've enrolled a brand new job class, Ironman; as well as a 4th job advancement for the Cygnus Knights. Certain custom skills for existing jobs are available. We also have Evan fully working.

Progressive rates

EXP rates increase progressively; and drop rates increase with monsters levels. Higher-end monsters will drop higher amounts of mesos and more valuable items. See our Frequently Asked Questions to view the rates.

Linux and Mac compatibility

We're one of the few private servers with Linux and Mac OS X compatibility. Other servers will require you to run a virtual machine or use bootcamp to play them.

Gameplay pace
Fast paced gameplay

Gameplay on Windia is fast, simply put. Transportation is fast. Boats are instant, and there's a command for fast travel. The speed cap is removed, items can gain lots of the speed stat.

Damage skins

We're the only old-school private server featuring damage skins. You can change your skin permanently through the windia.ini configuration file, or temporarily via the @damageskins command.

Custom resolution

The default screen resolution on Windia is 1280x720, which is standard in the old-school private server scene. You can change the resolution to whatever your monitor can support!

Skill balancing

The game cannot be 100% balanced, that's a fact. However, we've done our best to make our gameplay feel more balanced and refreshing by applying balancing changes to the majority of skills in the game. See our Skill Changes List list.

Item upgrades

Items can be upgraded with new methods - leveling, Rebirth Flames, Equip Enhancement Scrolls. There are also set effects for the higher end gear. Maker skill is used to craft some of them.

Maple Legion

Windia has its own Legion system. You get an incentive to play all types of characters by receiving extra stats and growing your entire user account.

Monster Book

Collecting monster cards will increase your stats through the Crusader Codex. Higher tier monster and boss cards provide better bonuses.

Quest bonuses

You gain extra stats for questing. The bonus caps at 250 quests, and at that point it becomes account-wide.


At Windia, we have our own anticheat solution. We automatically detect and ban the most offensive hacking tools without affecting legitimate users. We do our best to prevent foul play within the game.

Imported cosmetics

There's over 2,000 of cash item imports. They're available from the Cash Shop Surprise box, and they're occasionally given by staff for winning events. There's also a great amount of imported chairs, available from the Chair Gachapon. In addition, there's new hair and face styles available through the Stylist NPC.

Friendly community

The Windia staff and community are all active. You could join our Discord chat and ask questions or even make friends if that's your thing. We're very lenient in regards to chat moderation.

Stable client

The Windia client performs much better than any other private server client around. You also don't crash due to GFX glitches while bossing. On top of that, the game is buttery smooth with v-sync and you can enable various performance modifications, they're built into the game.

And so much more!

Sounds good, right? So what are you waiting for?
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We have a collection of screenshots you can browse through - showcasing some of Windia.

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