Welcome to Windia!

The custom MapleStory v83 Private Server!

Featuring mechanics from modern MapleStory, active development, anticheat and much more.
We hope to see you in-game!

Online users: 150

Windia features

Feature Other v83 Servers Windia
Gameplay Pace Slow, boring. Fast paced gameplay, with multiple gameplay
mechanisms inspired from up-to-date MapleStory.
Balancing None, or minimal. All jobs had their skills revamped for the sake
of fun, and balancing purposes.
Transportation Have to wait for boats to sail them. Instant via NPC or use of @goto command.
Gachapon Different rewards per town. Gachapon rewards are shared for every Gachapon machine
in Maple World. Gachapon is also available in Free Market.
Best In Slot Equipment From Gachapon. Best equipments are obtained as boss loot
and other in-game means.
Progression Scrolling equips. Scrolling, item leveling, Rebirth Flames,
Maple Legion, Monster Book, questing, star-force enhancements.
Farming 1HKO monsters. Buffed monsters and bosses.
Tougher monsters give better rewards.
Global Drops Usual White/Chaos Scrolls. White Scroll, Chaos Scroll, NX Credit, Powerful Rebirth Flames.
Staff Communication Minimal communication. Staff are almost always available via Discord
and will answer your questions.
Level Cap 200, or 120 for Cygnus Knights. 255 across all characters.
Development Amateur developers, slow updates. All development is done professionally.
Game updates are smooth and fast.
Damage Skins Default. Damage skins are imported from the latest version
of Global MapleStory and can be selected.
Security Outdated SHA-1 hashing. Windia protects your sensitive information (password/PIC)
with scrypt, the latest standard for securing passwords.
Server Stability Awful. Windia rarely has stability issues, and they are solved quickly.
Windia is protected from DDoS attacks.
Anticheat Non-existent. Seamless anticheat which does not interfere with performance,
and does not invade your valuable privacy by any means.
Client Modifications Multi-client. Multi-client, higher level cap, general bug fixes,
custom resolution, proper anticheat, compatibility fixes,
24 day system uptime bug fix, client hacks such as several stat caps being removed,
never seen before gameplay changes, custom font, hacks to increase performance,
configuration file, unisex items, genderless cash shop, in-game voting,
toggleable mods, 30 character slots, ranged classes
can attack from close range, damage skins,
extra stats from items, PIC typer, Discord integration.
Game Jobs Vanilla v83 jobs, or less Windia features every v83 job as well as
4th job for Cygnus Knights and our very own Ironman mode and job!

So.. what are you waiting for?
Join Windia for FREE and start having fun today!

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